prendas - ngangas - enquisos - machines

{each part welcomes the other without saying}


  16mm film transferred to DV, color/sound, 27 min. 26 sek., Germany/Cuba, 2014



A film shot in Cuba. Not an anthropological film, nor a narrative documentary or a film essay, but certainly a film concerned with foreignness and difference. Mostly shot in the hilly communes of Yateras, searching for long disappeared clandestine settlements, so-called palenque, where African slaves, Taínos and Chinese forced laborers, freed themselves from colonial violence, the film narrates a sense of place, which is real and imaginary at the same time. It questions, if it possible to communicate something of the soul of a place, steeped in histories of revolution and dissidence, without relying on didacticism or storytelling, without taking recourse on hierarchical distinctions between the ordinary and the extraordinary, the animate and the inanimate, the macro and the micro? Wondering what heritage (colonial) anthropology leaves behind, or rather, if it is possible to escape from the systems of signification that constitute foreignness, without getting detached from the palpable realities of the world? What if there was a way to approach the foreign by relying on the affects of the world that pass through us, giving way to perceptive cartographies, mapping out nameless intensities and collective sensitivities, leaving space for the non-human, including vegetables and animals that colonized the New Land? In this film, Cuba does not appear as an “outside” to a “Western” inside, but as a sensible texture without anchor or vanishing point, where humans are a part of the composition rather than the principal element.


MUCHAS GRACIAS: Vladimir Alba Peraza, Zarabanda 7 Rayo, Pablo Pacheco, Las compañeras del ICAIC, Santiago Villafuerte, Mario Naito, Gloria Rolando, Angela Melitopoulos, Corinne Diserens, Gerardo Mosquera, Fredrik Svensk, Gabino La Rosa Corzo, Mikhail Lylov, René Ramos La Rosa, Harun Farocki, Aurélie Sampeur, Candelario, Danay Gil Martínez, Elfi, Diana & Irai, Meggie Schneider, Bryndis Snaebjörnsdóttir & Alvi

Cámara, montaje y realización: Elke Marhöfer
Son en Cuba: Carolina Soares and Olaf Hochherz
Montaje de son: Elke Marhöfer and Marian Mentrup
Mezcla: Marian Mentrup
Estudio cinematográfico: ARRI Berlin
Producción: Ding Dong Production
Con el apoyo de: Universidad de Gotemburgo, Akademin Valand